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Exclusive: Massey Ferguson debuts 500R sprayer

Jul 26, 2023Jul 26, 2023

This sprayer is designed to keep the upfront cost to farmers down, making a suite of technology available as standard equipment.

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Massey Ferguson has announced the MF 500R Series Sprayer will be making its debut in the North American market.

The MF 500R Series Sprayer is based on AGCO sprayer technology that has been operating in South America for over six years and is now coming to the North American market with a wider technology offering. This sprayer is designed to keep the upfront cost to farmers down and provide fast ROI, targeting farmers with 1,000- to 2,000-acre operations.

“We have made technology standard equipment with this machine that others would have to upsell or add as an additional third-party offering to get to our level,” says Heath Kehnemund, senior marketing product specialist for Massey Ferguson. “We've brought it in as the standard offering to reduce cost, making it a more entry level machine with the benefits of a commercial-style or a highly spec’d-out machine.”

The new sprayers are offered in two models: the MF 525R and MF 530R, running on a 7.4-liter AGCO Power engine, with a max horsepower of 212 hp and 235 hp, respectively. The engine is designed to deliver optimum fuel economy, coming standard with all-wheel drive, and with healthy torque at 1,800 rpm. The sprayers are capable of working in the field at up to 20 mph, and driving up to 28 mph during transport.

The 500R series models are built with active suspension, each airbag is controlled by its own mechanical valve, fed by a 5-gallon reservoir with a mechanically driven compressor at the engine. The sprayers also have a C-Flex carbon steel chassis, with an unwelded frame, designed for flexibility to provide agility and traction in difficult conditions. This helps ensure all four wheels stay on the ground, even when the suspension has run out of travel.

The 525R comes with 380/80R38 Firestone tires, while the 530R comes standard equipped with 380/90R46 Firestone tires, with the option for 380/90R46 Michelin tires.

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At base configuration, with the 100-foot boom, both sprayers weigh-in at 22,700 pounds. These sprayers have a fuel capacity of 96.4 gallons.

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The MF 500R sprayers can be built with 90- or 100-foot booms . Each sprayer comes standard with section control, boom suspension, 1-inch stainless steel boom line, and HyPro nozzles. Both models come with Raven XRT boom leveling.

The main product tank is available in 740- and 860-gallon options, with a rotating rinse nozzle fed by a 92-gallon freshwater tank. The sprayer’s reload station has a 2- and 3-inch cam lock fill point, 7-gallon HyPro chemical eductor, hand wash station, and air connection for nozzle cleaning. An optional 150 gallon per minute reload pump is available.

There are 36 sections on the MF 500R sprayer that can be operated with section control to help reduce overlap when spraying in the field.

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The MF 500R sprayers come standard with LiquidLogic self-priming technology, allowing farmers to prime the boom from tip to tip in under 50 seconds without spraying a single drop on the ground.

“Sustainability is a big reason why LiquidLogic comes standard,” says Kehnemund “When you do a static spray in the corner of the field with a conventional system, you waste about 40 gallons altogether — it’s an expense that adds up really quickly. The farmer is saving money on chemical, and they’re not burning up a waterway or polluting the ground by constantly dumping chemical right there.”

Product recirculation takes place through the tank and every inch of the boom for constant rate and uniform mixture.

Greaseless bushings have been added to this series of sprayers to help reduce daily maintenance points. The engine oil check point is right on the catwalk, no ladder required to reach, with most other maintenance points down at ground level for easy access.

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The MF 500R sprayers’ cab is designed for operator comfort and familiarity, taking notes from Massey Ferguson’s lineup of tractors. The all-wheel drive system also helps to reduce noise and vibration in the cab by operating at lower engine RPMs.

The first models of the MF 500R sprayers are planned to arrive in North America in Q1 2024, with wider availability once the first round of orders have been fulfilled. For more information on pricing and availability in your area, reach out to your local Massey Ferguson dealer.

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