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Polaris Introduces Ranger XD 1500 Series: ‘Extreme Duty’ Utility Vehicles

Aug 05, 2023Aug 05, 2023

Polaris has introduced what it calls an “extreme duty” utility side-by-side. The Ranger XD 1500 is designed for capability, strength and comfort, featuring a 110-hp engine, the STEELDRIVE automatic transmission and more than 70 accessories.

The first-ever ProStar 1500-cc, three-cylinder engine with 105 lb.-ft. of torque boasts 30% more power and 50% more torque than the next closest competitor.

The STEELDRIVE automatic transmission features a 100% steel constructed belt and a fully sealed, liquid-cooled design. Polaris touts smooth, predictable throttle engagement, precise low speed control and quiet, effortless shifting between drive, park and reverse. Hill Assist prevents the vehicle from rolling backward when letting off the accelerator and brakes when heading uphill, and Descent Control engages the transmission to maintain control while descending slopes.

A high-strength steel one-piece chassis features 160% more torsional stiffness. Designed with an enclosed cab and ROPS, Polaris says the more consistent cab fit allows for better sealing and less noise.

The Ranger XD 1500 offers four-to-six times longer service intervals than standard full-size UVs.

When it comes to comfort, there’s more leg and shoulder room to enter and exit the vehicle. Adjustable seating and a telescopic steering wheel lets drivers adjust the fit. On cold days, the heated seats on the ultimate model will come in handy.

The next generation ProShield cab has been redesigned with improved sealing to prevent dust and water intrusion, while locking in the temperature from the climate-controlled cab.

A 7” waterproof touchscreen display powered by Ride Command technology features a back-up camera, GPS navigation (regardless of cell service) and AM/FM radio with Bluetooth streaming capability.

The Ranger XD 1500 has more than 70 accessory options. The Lock & Ride Max accessory attachment platform has customizable configurations and the ability to reconfigure with no tools required. The Glacier Pro HD 84” plow, hydraulic plow lift and angle kit can be paired with a plow controller to manage the largest plow Polaris has ever offered, all without leaving the cab.

The Ranger XD 1500 is available in three trims: