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Revolutionise your smart home with the LOQED Touch Smart Lock

Dec 11, 2023Dec 11, 2023

Remember when we used to walk up to our car and use a key to unlock the door? These days, walking up to a car with your key still in your pocket will do the trick. Yet we still find using a physical key normal to let us into our home. Over the last couple of years many smart home solutions have been adapted into our homes, and just across the channel in the Netherlands, the LOQED Touch Smart Lock has been tried and tested on its home market and is now set to launch in the UK.

LOQED is committed to providing smart, secure, and convenient solutions for home access. Keyless locks have existed for some time, but what sets LOQED apart is that it is the first smart lock that opens and closes with one touch, while your smartphone remains in your pocket. You can even open your door with your knee or elbow for convenience while your hands are full.

Forgot your phone or your battery has died? No problem. You can still unlock your door with a safe and secure personalised code. The smart lock runs on batteries for up to twelve months. Should the batteries die unexpectedly, you can jumpstart your smart lock with a 9-volt battery available at any local petrol station.

After locking himself out and paying for an expensive locksmith on several occasions, LOQED founder, Pierre van den Oord, had enough and wanted to exchange his old fashioned door lock with a more innovative solution. Together with friend and innovator, Jeroen van Oorschot, they began to develop the LOQED Touch Smart Lock in 2016. According to Statista 2023, 81% of Brits own smart home entertainment devices such as Bluetooth speakers and smart TVs, but only 30% own smart home security devices. Introducing the easy to use LOQED Touch Smart Lock with an eye-catching and robust stainless steel design, because what is a smart home without easy access?

CEO, Pierre van den Oord says: “Locks that open when a smartphone is nearby often aren’t accurate. These would open, for instance, when you’re still parking your car, or coming in through the back door. Our lock knows whether you’re inside or outside and doesn’t make that mistake thanks to geofencing and proximity detection on the inside and outside of the lock to ensure that this function works reliably.”

The weak link in a front door is often the lock’s keyhole and cylinder which can easily be snapped by burglars. With LOQED, the original cylinder is completely replaced by a highly secure cylinder, removing the weak point and the need for a keyhole altogether. The lock has been awarded the highest achievable SKG*** certification. Combined with end-to-end encryption and digital signatures using the same standard as banks, hackers and burglars don’t stand a chance.

Send digital keys to friends, family and workers using the LOQED app, available for Android and iOS users. You can also easily assign and remove keys whenever you want, perfect if you own an Airbnb. The LOQED Touch Smart Lock can also be integrated with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and many other smart home ecosystems. The Matter protocol is set to follow towards the end of 2023.

To celebrate the new product launch, the LOQED Touch Smart Lock is now available in stainless steel on Amazon with a 10% introductory offer of £269 which lasts for one month. RRP after this time is £299.

For more information, please check out the website and watch the product introduction video below.

Features of the LOQED Touch Smart Lock: