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The best free weight deals online

May 26, 2023May 26, 2023

Whether you're new to working out or are a seasoned fitness enthusiast, understanding the importance of strength and resistance training is crucial. Cardio alone won't help build muscle mass, which is integral to your general fitness and skeletal health. Studies have even found that lifting weights can help lower your risk of noncommunicable diseases.

You don't have to have a fancy gym membership or bulk up like The Rock to see the benefits of adding strength training into your workout regimen. All you need is some free weights, a small corner of your home and you're set to easily add weight training into your daily routine.

But with so many weight deals online, it can feel overwhelming to muscle through the options and find the best deals on the best free weights. Thankfully, we've done the heavy lifting for you and discovered the best free weight deals on the internet.

Here's a quick review of the terrific free weight deals featured in this article. From Amazon to Walmart, online retailers are making it easier than ever to save big on free weights. Ordering weights online has one big benefit -- you won't have to lug weights from the store, to your car and into your home.

If you're looking for free weights to use in a small space, or just want to avoid the clutter of multiple weight sets, adjustable weights are for you. Replace 15 sets of weights with the Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbell set, a CBS Sports Essentials bestseller. Sold as a pair, this weight set can be used with Bowflex's JRNY mobile-only membership (free for two months) for motion tracking technology that counts your reps and tracks your form in real time. It's like having your own personal trainer right at home.

"Easy to operate right out of the box," one Amazon reviewer raves about this 4.8-star-rated weight set. "The weight range is phenomenal. I mean, come on. To be able to have the equivalent of 30 dumbbells ranging from 5 to 52.5 pounds and be able to tuck them neatly away in the corner somewhere? Yeah."

Regularly priced between $429 and $549, Bowflex Select Tech 552 adjustable weights are now $379 at Amazon, Walmart and Bowflex.

Why we love the Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells:

This Bowflex deal is also available at Walmart. Like Amazon (Prime), Walmart offers free shipping.

You can also save $50 on Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable weights by shopping directly from Bowflex, who also offers free shipping.

While Bowflex is an Amazon bestseller and a CBS Sports reader favorite, it's not the only game in town. Mangko makes a terrific adjustable weight, which replaces five weights from five to 25 pounds.

This adjustable weight is sold as a single, not as a pair.

Why we like Mangko Adjustable Weight Set:

Walmart reviewers call the FitRX SmartBell Adjustable Weight Set a terrific alternative to Bowflex at a fraction of the price.

This set offers weight increments from five to 52.5 pounds and features a simple one-handed quick-select design that makes it easy to use. This set also features anti-slip handles and a safety lock to secure the weight plates and ensure seamless workouts.

The FitRX SmartBell Adjustable Weight Set is currently on sale at Walmart (and only available at Walmart), for $199 per pair (reduced from $399).

Why we like FitRX SmartBell Adjustable Weights:

This 150-pound rubber hex dumbbell set from CAP Barbell includes pairs of 5-pound, 10-pound, 15-pound, 20-pound and 25-pound dumbbells, plus a sturdy steel rack to store them on. When you consider the cost of buying individual dumbbells plus storage, this set can save you a lot of money. Rated 4.6 stars.

This CAP dumbbell set retails for $250. It's on sale now for $190.

Why we love the CAP dumbbell set:

Walmart is also offering the same deal on this 150-pound CAP dumbbells set.

Build your own weight set with the Balance From Rubber Encased Hexagonal weights, available in 10- to 40-pound pairs at Walmart. We favor hexagon-shaped weights, especially for home gyms or workout spaces, as they're less prone to rolling underfoot.

We like this set, not just because the 20-pound pair is currently on sale for $83 (reduced from $95), but for its stylish and functional chrome handles, contoured for increased grip and comfort.

Balance From Rubber Encased Dumbbells are available at Walmart starting at $30 per pair.

Why we like Balance From Rubber Encased Dumbbells:

The Signature Fitness Hex Dumbbells come in pairs or sets of five pairs. These high-quality hex dumbbells are made from encased rubber, which makes these a floor saver. Note: We suggest gently placing weights down instead of dropping them, regardless.

The handles are constructed with a solid chrome finish and contours to increase grip strength and comfortability, while the texture also gives the handle a light and secure grip.

This set is currently on sale on Amazon starting at $43 for a 15-pound pair.

Why we like the Signature Fitness Hex Dumbbells:

Bowflex Mangko FitRX CAPBalance From Signature Fitness Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbell setWhy we love the Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells:Why we like Mangko Adjustable Weight Set:FitRX SmartBell Adjustable Weight SetWhy we like FitRX SmartBell Adjustable Weights:150-pound rubber hex dumbbell set from CAP BarbellWhy we love the CAP dumbbell set:Balance From Rubber Encased Hexagonal weightsBalance From Rubber Encased Dumbbells, 10 pounds (pair), $30BalanceFrom Rubber Encased Dumbbells, 15 pounds (pair), $68BalanceFrom Rubber EncasedDumbbells, 20 pounds (pair), $83 (reduced from $95)BalanceFrom Rubber Dumbbells, 30 pounds (pair), $98BalanceFrom Rubber Encased Dumbbells, 35 pounds (pair), $79BalanceFrom Rubber Encased Dumbbells, 40 pounds (pair), $135Why we like Balance From Rubber Encased Dumbbells: Signature Fitness Hex DumbbellsWhy we like the Signature Fitness Hex Dumbbells: