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Too Hot To Handle editing error spotted in new episodes

Nov 06, 2023Nov 06, 2023

Why was this left in?

Lana may have her eyes firmly glued to the Too Hot To Handle cast for any potential rule breaks, but it seems she may also need to cast her glance over the series' editing team too, after fans spotted a rather awkward editing mistake in the new series.

Over on TikTok, a rather eagle-eyed fan, who goes by the handle @gittinaz, spotted and then shared a rather obvious editing mistake in the new series during a conversation between Louis and Christine, captioning the clip "continuity fail".

During episode eight Louis and Christine have a difficult conversation at the 'Birds and Bees' party after it was revealed Louis had gotten intimate with Linzy during their date. The conversation does not go well and Louis doesn't apologise for his actions, so Christine chooses to walk away with her drink.

Or does she? After saying "it's over between us" Christine takes her glass and walks away, but then the next shot is of Louis bent over the table upset, with not one, but two, glasses on the table? Huh? Where did the second glass come from? Christine is later seen walking away through a separate part of the retreat without her glass. Someone seriously needs to investigate the case of the missing glass.

The TikTok clip has now been viewed 1 million times, with many fans questioning if the series is scripted. However, it's very unlikely the series is scripted, and more likely that they may have needed to reshoot a scene once or twice, maybe because there was a mistake with the filming or maybe the scene was just cut together weirdly?

TikTokers also pointed out another clip from the same episode, in which Louis and Christine head to the bathroom where Louis says he wants to take a shower. In the scene Christine has a curly Afro and is wearing a white and pink floral bikini, however two seconds later it then cuts to Christine sitting outside in a lilac bikini and her hair in a ponytail.

Either Christine is the world's quickest hairstylist, or there's been a few editing errors in the final cut of the series.

Make it make sense Lana.

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