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Too Hot To Handle Season 5

Sep 09, 2023Sep 09, 2023

Too Hot To Handle season 5 featured Elys Hutchinson and Alex Snell's love story, which quickly fizzled after the season ended and led to drama.

Too Hot To Handle season 5 introduced viewers to Elys Hutchinson, who eventually won the series, and Alex Snell as they entered into a cautious yet sweet relationship that led to a huge amount of drama after the season finished filming. Elys, who connected with both Alex and Hunter LoNigro throughout her time on the season, came to Too Hot To Handle having trouble communicating her feelings outwardly. Alex, on the other hand, pursued Elys from early on in the experience and ultimately found himself falling in love with her by the end of the season. As their relationship grew, Alex and Elys found themselves more comfortable with each other.

By the time THTH season 5 crowned its winner, Elys had done a huge amount of self-discovery which won her the grand prize. Alex felt he'd won too, considering his loving relationship with Elys and the pair's newfound ability to connect with their innermost emotions. Alex and Elys left Too Hot To Handle season 5 together, but their relationship wouldn't go on to be a long-lasting experience. As the episodes aired, many were curious if Alex and Elys were still together, hoping for an update from either contestant. The drama that unfolded was on par for Too Hot To Handle.

Although Alex and Elys had a strong connection throughout their time on Too Hot To Handle season 5, dating outside the confines of Lana's villa wound up being too difficult. The pair were happily together after THTH season 5, both working and living in the UK as they got to know one another, but pressures from the real world were tough after living in the confines of the villa. While there were stressors on Too Hot To Handle, they were nothing in comparison to the outside world. Alex and Elys managed their relationship for six months, but ultimately broke up prior to the premiere of THTH season 5 on Netflix.

After her split with Alex, Elys felt that the pair were still on good enough terms that she could post photos from their time together without any backlash. With Too Hot To Handle viewers looking for more information about their relationship and content to divulge in once they'd finished watching the series, the THTH winner obliged. Elys shared a post on her Instagram that included a fairly innocuous caption, reading, "Okaaaayyyyy just because you all wanted more content… nothing but good vibes over here @alexsnelll 🤠," along with 3 photos of the couple that weren't romantic in nature at all.

Elys, who had shared publicly that she and Alex had broken up after the show's end, didn't feel uncomfortable with the post. It appeared that she had either conferred with Alex about it, or felt comfortable enough with the innocent nature of the photos to share them publicly without his permission. Elys, who mentioned during THTH season 5 that she had some trouble asserting her feelings to others, didn't need to look to Alex for his guidance of permission in the first place, but clearly didn't see an issue with her post regardless.

After Elys posted the photos, Cosmopolitan shared that he left a comment on her Instagram reading, "With due respect, this is really unfair on both myself and my girlfriend. Can you please remove this? Just for some engagement seems totally out of order?" The comment has since been deleted, but it was the first that Too Hot To Handle viewers had heard of Alex dating someone else. After asking about his girlfriend and replying to his comment in confusion, Alex responded on his own.

In a TikTok Alex posted to his account, he shared his own feelings surrounding the post and explained his request for Elys to remove it. Alex shared that he felt it was disrespectful of Elys to share photos from their relationship when she knows he's dating someone new, and that out of respect for his new girlfriend, he wanted the photos of them together taken down. Alex made sure to emphasize the fact that he's in a "happy" relationship, which could've been a possible nod to his time with Elys being the opposite. Regardless, his request for the removal of the photos has been ignored entirely.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Elys discussed the drama between herself and Alex, explaining her side of the story. She shared that though she understood and respected Alex is in a new relationship, she was confused by his reaction to the photos as they'd discussed posting about their past relationship once the show finished airing. Elys explained that she felt what she'd done was respectful, and didn't understand where Alex was coming from with his criticism. When discussing the pair's split, Elys shared that Alex met his girlfriend just days after their initial split, and within two weeks of their breakup, he was dating someone new.

For Elys, Too Hot To Handle season 5 opened her up to an array of new opportunities. From meeting Alex to experiencing their post-THTH relationship, breakup and all, she shared that she's happy about her time on the show and what it's given her. Even with the drama from her breakup with Alex and the aftermath of her posting their photos on Instagram, Elys is still happy to have shared a part of her experience with the world. With Too Hot To Handle and the drama between herself and her ex behind her, Elys seems ready to move on to the next phase of her life.

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