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New Marine Electronics and Accessories for 2024

Jul 25, 2023Jul 25, 2023

There have been a lot of new introductions in marine electronics, fish finders, trolling motors and more. As well as a bunch of fishing accessories being introduced for the upcoming fishing seasons. Check out a bunch of the new fishing electronics and accessories in the following introductions.

NEW Quest Technology trolling motors will feature enhanced GPS Suite including Drift Mode (as well as enhanced Follow Contour and Dodge modes), Out of the Box connectivity to Humminbird One Boat Network including all necessary adapters, one app to control everything, as well as enhanced built-in 2D Sonar with dual spectrum CHIRP. The Quest version of the Ultrex will feature a brushless motor for the quietest control and rigid long-lasting powerful trolling motor on the water. Read the full release here.

Coupled with an award-winning Garmin Force® trolling motor or new Force Kraken, anglers with a compatible Garmin chartplotter and a dual Power-Pole anchor setup can take advantage of the advanced anchor system integration to access new boat control features, including:

Kraken’s brushless motor uses a high-efficiency propeller to produce 100 pounds of thrust on a 36-volt system, or 80 pounds on a 24-volt system, making it one of the most powerful trolling motors ever produced. It also features through shaft wiring so no more pinched cables on your LiveScope. Utilizing multi-band GPS signal reception and integrated AHRS (attitude and heading reference system) for heading hold, Kraken delivers Garmin’s most precise boat positioning technology. Select Kraken models include a built-in GT56UHD all-in-one transducer with Ultra High-Definition ClearVü and SideVü scanning sonar along with CHIRP traditional sonar. Read the Full Release here.

The Power Unity System of the brushless motor and reinforced TechflowTM Propeller create 30-percent more power than industry leading trolling motors, all while being whisper quiet in the propulsion and the steering systems. The low-profile bracket features the ported aluminum design made famous by our Blade Shallow Water Anchors and is protected by Power-Pole’s Multi-layer Corrosion Resistance Technology. The shaft is revolutionary, manufactured from nearly unbreakable aerospace-grade titanium that will hold up to extreme pressure. That shaft combined with the bracket has been tested to withstand the harshest environments in fishing. While it is built to last, the Power-Pole MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor is built with contingencies so that anglers can stay on the water. Read the Full Realease Here.

Perfect for Marine Starting, Trolling, Electronics and more. Equipped with Bluetooth for Smart Phone Monitoring and Backed with a FULL 10yr Warranty. This battery also comes equipped with an internal heater. This allows these batteries to charge and function flawlessly in the coldest environments possible. This is the perfect setup for anyone who loves to fish during the heart of winter and demands the best out of their electronics and overall battery performance.

This 24V 60AH Lithium Ion Battery is the most powerful lithium battery on the market. It has GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and 4G cellular capabilities, all accessible through the iOS and Android app. Expert support is also available, so you can stay connected to the cloud server and monitor your battery.

The new RB36V40 provides maximum capacity, 20% more than its series equivalent, with minimum hassle thanks to its parallel design. The improved connectors and small Group 31 footprint make onboard installation simple, and weighing 70% less than the lead-acid equivalent, the 36V battery includes an IP67-rated case. It also features a new glue channel and screw-latched enclosure to protect against airborne contaminants, as well as an internal Battery Management System (BMS) to monitor battery health and protect against short circuits and over-charging. 1536-Watt hours.

HDS PRO provides full networking and bow-to-stern boat control spanning trolling motors, autopilots, engines, radar, communications and PowerPole® shallow water anchors. It includes C-MAP® DISCOVER OnBoard charts, featuring high-res bathymetric 1-foot contours for over 19,000 lakes across the U.S. and 9,400 in Canada. A new chart option also allows users to overlay ActiveTarget 2 Scout or Ghost 360 trolling motor views, directly on the chart.

The NEW ActiveTarget 2 Live Sonar provides the highest-resolution live views of fish movement and structure, enabling anglers to quickly recognize if lures and techniques are working in real-time, allowing them to adjust and get fish to strike. Exclusive to HDS PRO, users can combine two live sonar systems at the same time giving even more views simultaneously with 180 View, Scout Wide and Forward + Scout split screen view. The increased range will allow you to see your baits on a full typical cast distance of 150-plus feet.

The Newport NT300 delivers incredible performance in an ultra-quiet, energy-efficient 3 horsepower equivalent (3HP) electric outboard motor. Showcasing a clean design in a compact package, the NT300 combines lightweight portability with innovative features that maximize time spent in and out of the water. Highlights include: a brushless direct-drive motor for maintenance-free reliability; field-oriented control technology (FOC) to provide smooth navigation for easy access to shallow, narrow, and tough-to-reach waters. Flexible power options give anglers the freedom to choose either the Newport 36V30 Lithium Battery or the 36V40 Lithium Battery. Capabilities include 1300w of peak power, 66 miles of est range, a top speed of 6.5MPH, and 30 hours max run time. The Newport NT300 Electric Outboard retails for an industry-leading MSRP of $999.

Designed for the serious kayak angler, the NK300 offers unheralded power in an ultra-quiet, energy-efficient 3 horsepower equivalent (3HP) electric kayak motor. A trailblazer in this growing market, the NK300 delivers cutting-edge battery power, unlocking a wider range than ever before. Field-oriented control technology (FOC) provides smooth, intuitive navigation without compromising on performance. The NK300’s flexible power options also allow anglers to choose either the Newport 36V30 Lithium Battery or the 36V40 Lithium Battery. Capabilities include 1300w of peak power, 66 miles of est range, a top speed of 6.5MPH, and 30 hours max run time. The Newport NK300 Kayak Motor retails for an industry-leading $1,299.

SeaDek has designed dash pockets, available in a single pocket design, or combination. Made for storing items securely on your dash, they are made with ultra durable and thick material, and are available in seven different color combinations. Each pad is CNC precision machined to fit a wide array of cell phones and other items.

Got a favorite fish? Hook-n-It pads are a great way to sport your favorite catch on your boat. Made from SeaDek’s signature 6mm material, each fish is lasered with supreme detail. They are great for storing tackle, lures, and hooks, or just decorating your boat.

SeaDek has recently added cooler tops for the YETI Tundra 75, Tundra 105, Tundra 110, Tundra 125, Tundra 160, Tundra 210, Tundra 250, and Tundra 350 to their lineup. Cooler tops are available in a wide variety of colors and textures, including 2” Teak. Each pad is custom fit for each cooler model, and provides increased comfort and traction when standing or sitting.