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Too Hot to Handle Season 5 Episode Release Schedule: When New Episodes Air

Aug 22, 2023Aug 22, 2023

Don't miss any of the romance or competition.

If there's one genre Netflix has mastered, it's reality dating shows. They know how to sell concepts just outside the realm of regular dating (or at least different from the regular courting format of The Bachelor) to make memorable, entertaining television for audiences. For the contestants, results may vary, but no matter how each season plays out, viewers keep coming back for more. And beyond the extremely popular series Love Is Blind, the platform has also found a win in Too Hot to Handle.

First released in 2020, the show revolves around 10 adults who struggle to form lasting relationships. In a test of their will, they're placed into a house together and offered prize money. The catch? To win, they can't engage in any kissing or sexual contact, while still fostering connections with other contestants on the show. Any time a rule is broken, the prize money decreases.

After only three years, the show has already had five seasons, and there's no sign of stopping anytime soon. The fifth and most recent season premiered on July 14, and there's 10 new singles ready to abstain from sexual contact for a sizable check.

But as anyone who watches Love Is Blind or other Netflix shows knows, Too Hot to Handle doesn't go by the classic release-all-at-once schedule (with the notable exception of Season 3). You won't want to miss a single episode and fall behind, so we've got a guide to when every episode of Too Hot to Handle Season 5 episodes premiere.

All episodes of Too Hot to Handle Season 5 are now streaming.

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