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Woman baffled at plane passenger's rude behaviour after refusing to get out of her seat

Jun 17, 2023Jun 17, 2023

A woman was left baffled on a plane when she headed to her window seat and was rudely greeted by a man who ignored her pleas to sit in the seat that she'd purposefully booked

When you get on a plane, you know full well that it's not going to be the most comfortable journey of your life - but at least you know you've got an assigned seat when you get onboard. All you can hope for is that your seatmates are decent and that the time goes quickly thanks to the book you packed or the podcast you decided to download at the airport.

But one woman was left flabbergasted when she arrived at her designated seat, only to find a man already sat there - and when she politely told him that she was meant to be sat in 37F, he just looked at her, blankly, ignoring her pleas to sit in the window seat she'd booked.

They took to Reddit to explain the situation, and said "it would have been different if he asked", but she was mortified that he had the audacity to sit in her plane seat - and then ignore her.

She wrote: "I'm going to get straight to the point. I get on my flight and I see someone in my seat. No I'm not a Karen and it would’ve been different if he asked. Yes it's a window seat and I chose it because I don't feel comfortable being in the middle.

"I get on the plane and I tell the man 'Hey I'm 37F' and he just looks at me…I showed him my phone and he puts his headphones on and faces the window. I wouldn't be as mad if he at least asked but it was the fact you're acting like that in a seat you didn't book is beyond me. Why do people feel they can sit in a seat that isn't theirs and get upset when asked to move?"

In the comments, people were fuming on the passenger's behalf, stating that they would've got a flight attendant over immediately. One wrote: "Just grab a flight attendant. No need to get your hands dirty!", and another agreed: "Lol. I would have laughed, shook my head, looked them in the eye, and hit the FA button. Morons."

And a flight attendant wrote: "I'm a FA. Main priority during boarding is to get everyone in their assigned seats. In this scenario, do not hesitate to contact one of us. And if the aisles are crowded, press the call button. We want this righted as much as you since he is not only disrupting boarding, but he is also likely a problematic passenger. And we want to deal with those people ASAP, while we're on the ground before the door closes."

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